Sachintha Sankalpa

Electrical and Electronics Engineering,Software Engineering Undergraduate

Sachintha Sankalpa

Amateur Programmer | Electronics Enthusiast

"A person's a person, no matter how small".

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Colombo International Nautical and Engineering College (CINEC) - From 2017

Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Java Institute For Advanced Technology - From 2015

Software Engineering

Primary Education

Bodhiraja International College - From 2002 to 2007

The Bodhiraja International College was established in 2002.While importance is placed on competency in English, much emphasis is placed on cultivating a strong Buddhist identity. The College stresses the wholesome development of a child, with equal attention being given to academic subjects, moral studies, sports and the arts. The syllabus is modelled on that set by the Ministry of Education.

Secondary Education

Mahanama College,Mahamathya College - From 2008 to 2016

Junior secondary
  • Grade 6 - Mahamathya Vidyalaya
  • Grade 7 - Mahanama College
  • Grade 8 - Mahanama College
  • Grade 9 - Mahanama College
Senior secondary
  • Grade 10 - Mahanama College
  • Grade 11 - Mahanama College
  • Grade 12 - Mahanama College
  • Grade 13 - Mahanama College

Mahanama College Colombo is an excellent school among major schools in the country with a bright history of six decades.The school developed in a very small time compared to the other schools and holds an unique place in education and extra curricular activities.

Religious Education

Siri Vajirarama Dhamma School - From 2011 to 2014

Siri Vajiraramaya is arguably the best known Sri Lankan Buddhist temple throughout the world due to the renowned resident monks who spread the teaching of the Buddha worldwide. Ven Narada and Ven Piyadassi were household names in many parts of the world. The temple in the heart of the capital city of Colombo was founded in 1901 by the erudite monk from South Sri Lanka, the Most Venerable Pelene Siri Vajirajana Maha Nayaka Thera. It has been declared a Sacred Site by the State on 6 September 2009.


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Mahanama College,Colombo 03,Sri Lanka.


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